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SME Loan Fund

Loans for resource efficiency measures. Reduce your bills, cut your carbon and receive 15% cashback, while funds last.

Unsecured, interest-free loans from £1,000 up to £100,000


The SME Loan can be used for the installation of energy efficient measures such as lighting and heating upgrades, double glazing, insulation and much more. 

It is funded by the Scottish Government which is committed to supporting small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to reduce energy and resource costs.


Reducing operating costs improves your margins and can improve your competitive advantage. 



15% cashback available for a limited period

Apply for the SME Loan to help you install eligible measures and you will receive cashback on completion of your project (to a maximum value of £10,000).

Your loan can be used to pay for:

  • Building fabric - insulation (wall, roof, floor), doors, window double and secondary glazing and draught proofing
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning upgrades - building management systems, heating and cooling controls, boilers, combined heat and power, heat recovery units, air curtains, destratification fans and more.
  • Renewables - solar PV, wind turbines, solar thermal, micro-hydro systems, biomass boilers, heat pumps, combined heat and power with biomass, wood burning stove and anaerobic digestion.
  • Lighting systems – fitting and controls
  • Other equipment - energy efficient motors and controls, voltage optimisation; variable speed drives, air compressors, commercial fridge and freezer units, cooking, baking and cleaning equipment, multi-glazed refrigeration doors/covers, measuring, monitoring and control equipment, IT equipment, high efficiency hand dryers
  • Water saving – be it installing a grey water system, harvesting rain water or sampling installing water efficient taps
  • Waste prevention and reduction – installation of equipment to improve handling and reduce waste at source

Full details on eligibility criteria and the list of other qualifying technologies can be found in the important information document.



Don’t miss out on Scottish Government funding!

Since its launch in 2008, the SME Loan has provided Scottish businesses with over £26,24 million in loans for over 968 projects, resulting in an estimated financial saving to businesses of over £48.02 million. 

Steps to secure your cashback:

  • Complete the enquiry form below;
  • We’ll email you a form for you to tell us about your business;
  • Return the completed form to us;
  • Our experts will help you to find ways to reduce your energy use (and bills!). A written report will be provided that will include measures eligible for the loan;
  • Submit your loan application along with your report. 

Funds are limited and distributed on a first come, first served basis. Avoid disappointment and act now. 




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“Applying for the SME Loan was a no-brainer really. Our staff started the ball rolling by talking about how we can recycle more, cut down on waste and be more energy efficient, hence that’s when we started to look at lighting upgrades and we found out we could get some support to achieve that. It makes perfect sense because it’s financially beneficial but also, we have a duty of care as a company to do the right thing for the planet. We’re very proud that ACS Clothing is leading the way for SMEs in Scotland in creating a greener and more sustainable future.” Tony Burns, Operations Director, ACS Clothing.

COVID-19 update: payment holidays

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