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Green Network for Businesses

A powerful database of local businesses in your area who are already using less energy and water, managing their waste well and engaging with staff.
Search by company, postcode or whatever resource efficiency measure you are thinking about.
Learn from others through case studies or site visits.

When you are thinking about how to be more resource efficient in your own business you can be met with a lot of choice. And the more choice the more complex the decision-making process. Our expert advisors are here to help simplify the process and enable you to make an informed decision on the best ways your business can cut energy consumption and be more energy efficient. 

The Green Network for Businesses gives you an insider’s peek at what others are doing in your local community. See for yourself how other businesses have made changes to save both money and resources 

You can search by company, your local postcode or whatever resource efficiency measure you areconsidering and learn from others by reading their case studies and watching their videos. Better still, many network members open their doors to showcase their business and the resource efficiency project in which they invested, bringing the learning to life. 

Whether you are thinking about staff training or installing LED lights or investing in renewables such as a biomass boiler, there are others who have already done so. Hear from them first-hand about how they were supported, how the project was delivered and the resulting savings they made. Savings can be a few thousand pounds or a continual year on year saving which certainly adds up.

From micro businesses to small and medium sized organisations right through to multi-nationals, public sector and third sector organisations, you can take a look behind the scenes at how they did what they did, and give you confidence to follow suite.


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