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Tennis and squash club improves building fabric and heating to cut energy costs

Energy costs were due to heat loss, the club shares their story about how insulation, double glazing and a heating system upgrade improved their energy efficiency.

Inverness Tennis and Squash club opened its doors in 1988. A membership club its facilities include; three outdoor tennis courts, five indoor squash courts, a gymnasium, a sauna and social space for members.

David Munro Henderson shares his experience of working with us for technical support, financial planning and loan application.

After staff costs, the second biggest outgoing expense was on energy. The challenge was to make the place more energy efficient. Heating the large indoor space and improving insulation were top of the agenda when they sought our assistance.

“They did us proud. They gave us good advice and through them we managed to define a project which I think has been very successful. They did a survey of the building, identified areas where we could make changes an improvements and gave a fairly realistic illustration of the kind of savings we could make….They made it easy for us because they analysed the problem and gave us the technical answers and showed us the financial information that would come from that, which gave us all the information we needed to make the financial decisions.” David Munro Henderson, Chair.

The result was a programme of activity for project including roof insulation to prevent heat escaping, double glazing on the windows and installation of a new gas powered water system for heating the building.

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