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You might already know what you want to do and are looking for reassurance or a second opinion. Or you might have no idea where to start. Either way, we are here to help.  We can look at one area of your business or investigate every nook and cranny for savings opportunities. Please get in touch to get the conversation started.

A little more about us. Our support for your business is funded by the Scottish Government and the European Regional Development Fund. We are here to offer free advice and technical support as well as the share of best practices and new technologies.


Please call 0808 808 2268, email us or complete the contact form. 

Email for public sector enquiries.


As of April 2020, the Resource Efficient Scotland resource efficiency service changed over to Zero Waste Scotland's Energy Efficiency Business Support Service and will focus on energy efficiency opportunities. Zero Waste Scotland continues to offer circular construction support and free opportunities assessments for food and drink waste prevention.

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