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COP26 blog series

A series of blogs to help your business take action and make the most of COP26.

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The where, when and why of COP26

With COP26 happening on our doorsteps in Scotland this year, green issues and climate change could be hot topics as well.

So, before you head off to your local to become embroiled in an examination of the success or otherwise of the Paris Agreement, let us fill you in on what you need to know.

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10 common energy myths busted

If you’re struggling to get your colleagues to adopt more energy efficient behaviours, our team of advisors can help as they share some of the myths they still come across in organisations today, and explain why they are just myths... so that you are armed with the facts.

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Myths and Facts
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How to calculate your business's carbon footprint

Have you ever thought about calculating the carbon footprint of your business?

Our blog will guide you through the process and explain why it is important to have a starting point to help you make some energy-saving changes.

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How to measure your business's carbon footprint?
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How to answer your colleagues’ questions about climate change

We have pulled together some of the most common misconceptions we hear on a regular basis to provide you with the facts behind them.

When your colleagues are challenging you about your insistence on turning lights off at the end of the day, or not leaving electric heaters switched on in an empty room, you will be equipped with the answers.

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Challenging the myths about climate change

9 easy ways to show off your prized green credentials

Win new customers, attract the best staff and create a competitive edge by showcasing your green credentials.  

Here are nine very simple ways your business can do that.

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9 easy ways to show off your prized green credentials feature

40 quick and easy ways to cut your energy bills and carbon footprint

Here are 40 no- and low-cost, quick and easy ways to cut the amount of energy you are using and make those bills a little easier to bear.

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