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Shutdown checklist for the festive period

Save money on your bills during the festive period with the help of our handy checklist


Christmas is a time for enjoying some sparkle, fun and fizz, and hopefully a bit of rest and relaxation. It’s not a time to fritter your bottom line on needless energy bills. So when your employees have left the building, and have no intention of returning until the New Year has arrived, ensure you’ve taken all the measures you can to reduce your costs during the quiet time.

You know the sort of thing – don't heat buildings when no one’s there; switch off anything with a plug that doesn't need to be on; don’t keep the lights on if no one needs to see. It’s all common sense stuff but in the rush to be on holiday, even the simplest actions can be forgotten.

To make your life easier, we’ve bundled them together in a free handy checklist you can download below. 


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