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Office energy savings

As an overhead, energy is one of the most easily managed in an office. You can make improvements that require little or no spend to reduce your energy consumption by around 20%.


As an overhead, energy is one of the most easily managed in an office. You can make improvements that require little or no spend to reduce your energy consumption by around 20%.

Energy costs have increased in recent years, making it important to reduce energy use wherever possible to mitigate the market trend of increasing costs.

Office case studies

We have supported many office-based businesses with free energy assessments to help them identify ways to reduce their energy, and carbon footprint. Here are a few examples:

  • MBM Print’s IT upgrade delivered improved energy and financial savings.
  • The Taxi Centre Fife runs a staffed office around the clock meaning energy bills can really add up, particularly during the winter when it is colder and nights are longer. Our report showed how the business could drive down energy costs by £2,400 a year by installing LED lighting, zoned heating and insulation.
  • Shoosmiths LLP is a large law firm that makes resource efficiency part of the company culture. That’s no mean feat with a staff contingent of 1,300 people nationwide. They run environmental and sustainability campaigns to get staff on-board and keep them engaged. You can too, by making use of our Staff Engagement Toolkit which includes a “switch off” campaign.

Training, tools and resources

We have a number of free resources to help you save energy, and of course, our friendly team are here to assist you too:

  • Measuring and monitoring energy use is the start of an energy management journey which will help you to audit your energy use. Our guides will help you to manage your office lighting and save energy heating your workplace. Not only will cutting energy cut costs, your business will also cut its CO2 emissions.
  • The Green Champions Training Course is a free CPD Certified online training course for Scottish organisations. The course has been designed to support staff to develop new skills so that they can successfully improve the resource efficiency and environmental performance of your organisation - and, of course, save money too.
  • To turbo boost your business’s environmental drive you need a Green Team. A dedicated task force of individuals from across your organisation can work to channel all the ideas and energy you need to deliver real, practical change.
  • To turn up the volume on your efforts, you might wish to make a Resource Efficiency Pledge.
  • Offices can have a heavy carbon footprint. Our green office guide will show you how to reduce your environmental impact with a host of great ideas that will help you reduce waste, save energy and water, making your office greener – and more profitable too.
  • The Waste (Scotland) Regulations will apply to your business. Make sure that you are on the right side of the law by encouraging your staff to recycle. Our free office pack contains useful resources for you to use around your office to ensure staff to use the right recycling bins.  Plastic waste is still a hot topic, read about the 12 ways for your office can help to tackle the plastic problem.

Energy efficiency and renewable assessments

The provision of free energy efficiency and renewable assessments is currently paused due to high demand for the support and because the Energy Efficiency Business Support Service is transitioning to Business Energy Scotland from April 2022.

When the Service resumes from April 2022, Business Energy Scotland’s team of advisors and technical specialists will help you implement meaningful change and achieve serious savings - an average of 24% on energy bills.

Whether you are just starting out on your energy planning and reduction journey, or have already made progress, Business Energy Scotland will offer a free, accommodating service that will support you every step of the way.

To register your interest in this support, simply fill in the form below. Business Energy Scotland will contact you after the 1st April 2022 and provide help to produce a confidential report highlighting your top energy savings opportunities.

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