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Engage and inspire your staff to save energy with our free resources

Enlisting the help of your staff to save energy, through flicking off lights and de-cluttering areas around heaters, is easier than you might think. 

Communication is key, which is why we have developed a range of easy-read, professionally-designed resources to inform, amuse, and inspire action.

We've got a range of resources to encourage positive action, such as:

  • Switch-off stickers for lights, computers, printers, you name it
  • Water-saving posters, to discourage drips and look into leaks
  • Light switch label templates
  • Posters to remind us that little actions make big waves – for instance, did you know that leaving the office lights on overnight can waste as much energy as it would take to make 6000 mugs of coffee?

All are free to download. So go ahead, and switch on your switch off campaign – the quick and easy way to save energy, save money, and buff up your environmental credentials.

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