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Staff engagement

Staff engagement


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Our free staff engagement planner gives you step-by-step actions for motivating staff in your business. It contains links to all the free resources in our staff engagement toolkit, including posters, stickers, staff training presentations and quizzes. Hover over the numbers to find out more about each step.


Set up a Green Team

Create real change within your organisation with a dedicated task force to channel ideas and energy into delivering energy efficiency and waste reduction.


Resource efficiency at work

We have developed the resource efficiency at work module with a free training video, downloadable presentation, quiz and employee certification.


Switch off campaign

Save energy, and the environment, at the flick of a switch. Our free resources, including stickers, posters and light-switch templates, will inform, amuse and inspire action.


Leak reporting campaign

Ask staff to support your water reduction efforts by running a campaign.


Encourage staff to recycle

Since 2014 all Scottish organisations have to recycle key recyclates. It’s the law. Get your staff on board to avoid spot penalties.


Show staff how to save at home

Run campaigns to show staff how being resource efficient can save them money and reduce their bills. Home habits may continue at work.


Resource Efficiency Pledge

This Scottish Government-backed scheme encourages Scottish businesses to save energy, water and raw materials. Choose three actions to tackle in the next 12 months. Get branded marketing materials and one-to-one support.

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