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Tools and Guides

We have a range of practical tools and guides that will help you cut costs, reduce waste, and save energy and resources

Scroll down our list, to source what you need to build in resource efficiency to your business :

Staff Engagement Toolkit

Step-by-step actions for motivating staff in your businesss to help reduce your energy and water use as well as prevent and manage waste. Staff training presentations, briefings, campaigns, posters, stickers and quizzes - all in an easy-to-use planner. 

Measure and monitor your energy

Measure and monitor your energy usage to start reducing your bills and save money.

Save money and energy on heating the workplace

Read our guide about how to access your heating requirements, avoid common pitfalls, insulate, ventilate and upgrade without breaking the bank. 

How to conduct an energy audit

A guide to help your identify ways to cut your business energy consumption. Use alongside the handy checklist and action plan.  

How to save money and energy on your lighting

Reduce the impact of rising electricity costs, and your carbon footprint, without a return to the dark ages.

How to write an environmental policy

Allow us to help you formulate a meaningful environmental policy that communicates the unique nature of your organisation, your unique contribution to mitigating climate change and how you are meeting your environmental commitments.

Savings Finder

Psst! Wanna save money on your utility bills without even trying? Our Savings Finder can help you cut your energy and water use, waste costs and resource-spending. And it only takes ten minutes.

How to procure resource efficient equipment

Sustainable procurement requires expertise - and time. By following the simple process outlined in this guide you will be better equipped to make successful purchasing decisions, avoiding common pitfalls. Manage your project and achieve benefits, while maintaining quality standards.

Lighting improvements calculator tool

Before you spend your hard-earned cash on new lighting, do make use of the calculator that will help you work out your initial costs, potential savings and payback period. 

Set up a Green Team


Create real change within your organisation with a dedicated task force to channel ideas and energy into delivering energy efficiency and waste reduction. Set up a Green Team!



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