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Tools and Guides

We have a range of practical tools and guides that will help you cut costs, reduce waste, and save energy and resources

Scroll down our list, to source what you need to build in resource efficiency to your business :

Tool to optimise your heating controls

Get a handle on your heating by recording your building’s temperature to find the ideal temperature setting for different areas of your business. 

12 ways your office can help tackle the plastic problem

In Scotland practical steps are being taken to reduce reliance on single-use products and protect our natural environment.  This guide shares a range of no and low-cost actions your business can take now to reduce plastic in your workplace.

Green network for businesses

We often learn best when we learn from each other, which is why we’ve devised our green network. Plug into a network of like-minded organisations and experience resource efficiency in action in your area.

Green office guide - reduce your carbon footprint

An office can create a heavy carbon footprint. Lighten the load with our essential guide, the practical handbook for the in-house eco-warrior. It contains all you need to know to slash energy and water consumption and prevent waste through thoughtful procurement, re-use and recycling. Not only will these ideas help you to clean up your act, it will trim your overall costs and buff up your environmental credentials. One day, all offices could be like this! 

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