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Tools and Guides

We have a range of practical tools and guides that will help you cut costs, reduce waste, and save energy and resources

Scroll down our list, to source what you need to build in resource efficiency to your business :

Measure and monitor your energy

Measure and monitor your energy usage to start reducing your bills and save money.

How to save money and energy on your lighting

Reduce the impact of rising electricity costs, and your carbon footprint, without a return to the dark ages.

How to procure resource efficient equipment

Sustainable procurement requires expertise - and time. By following the simple process outlined in this guide you will be better equipped to make successful purchasing decisions, avoiding common pitfalls. Manage your project and achieve benefits, while maintaining quality standards.

Calculate costs of a lighting improvement project

Upgrading to energy efficient lighting will save you cash. Work out just how much based on your number of light fittings and estimated running hours per year. Analysis includes; initial layout costs, potential savings and payback period.

Resource Efficiency Pledge

This Scottish Government-backed scheme encourages Scottish businesses to save energy, water and raw materials, by showing their commitment to resource efficiency. 

Biomass heating project procurement guide

Many organisations are looking for ways to reduce their energy costs, carbon footprint and exposure to fluctuations in the cost of fossil fuels. Biomass is a good way of doing this as it produces low carbon heat at a reduced cost compared with that for conventional forms of heating. However, with a host of technologies and fuel supply options to choose from, finding the solution that will work best for you can seem daunting. This guide will help. It gives you clear step-by-step guidance and all the information you need to have informed conversations with potential suppliers, avoid common pitfalls and procure a biomass system that best fits your organisation’s needs.

Develop a business case for energy efficiency projects

Accessing finance is often a major barrier to the implementation of energy efficiency projects in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and, ultimately, the business benefits that these projects can deliver.

If you are planning an energy efficiency project in your business and need to access finance, this guide will help you. It will show you how to prepare a robust business case for investment to your senior management or external lenders.

Green office guide - reduce your carbon footprint

An office can create a heavy carbon footprint. Lighten the load with our essential guide, the practical handbook for the in-house eco-warrior. It contains all you need to know to slash energy and water consumption and prevent waste through thoughtful procurement, re-use and recycling. Not only will these ideas help you to clean up your act, it will trim your overall costs and buff up your environmental credentials. One day, all offices could be like this! 

Green retail guide

Going green isn’t just about protecting the environment – it makes good business sense too. It will help satisfy your customers’ demands, enhance your competitive position and by saving you money - boost profits. A guide with practical advice and ideas to help retailers to; measure and monitor resources, reduce energy costs associated with lighting, heating and refrigeration, save water, manage waste and more. 

Plan and deliver environmentally sustainable events

When you are planning an event, be it a major festival with thousands of people or conference, our guide will help you to reduce your environmental impacts and costs. Advice covers; venue selection, transportation, catering, supply chains, energy and waste management. 


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